About the project

The OrientGate project aims to coordinate climate change adaptation efforts in SEE countries by building a lasting partnership between communities that produce knowledge and experimental studies, and communities that apply that knowledge.

The project will:

  • develop a comprehensive and consistent methodology for assessing the risks arising as a result of climate variability and change;
  • harmonise risk assessment and communication on the part of hydrometeorological services;
  • encourage the use of acquired climate adaptation knowledge and experience in territorial planning and development; and
  • enhance capacity to reconcile the risks and opportunities inherent in environmental changes, including rising temperatures.

The core output to be developed by OrientGate is a set of web tools, designed to provide access to data and metadata from climate observations and simulations that will be available through a data platform connected to the European Climate Adaptation Platform (CLIMATE-ADAPT).

Other project outputs will include six pilot studies of specific climate adaptation exercises developed by the project’s three thematic centres; capacity-building seminars and workshops; and a working partnership among the hydrometeorological services of SEE countries. The web-based network will make all project data, documentation, discussions and guidelines accessible not only to the project partners but also to all interested SEE territories not directly involved in the project.