Macedonian Hydrometeorological Service

The Macedonian Hydrometeorological Service is a governmental organisation within the state administration. It is a legal entity within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy. The Hydrometeorological Service was officially established in 1947 according to the principles and programmes of the World Meteorological Organization. It became a member of the World Meteorological Organization in July 1991.

One of its main goals is to protect the lives and livelihoods of the country’s population by providing early warnings of meteorological and hydrological hazards and related information to reduce risks. This represents vital support to disaster risk management agencies and other early warning system stakeholders with regard to disaster prevention and preparedness, the mitigation of disasters, and emergency response, recovery and reconstruction. The Hydrometeorological Service participates in the South East Europe Virtual Climate Change Centre (SEEVCCC) in cooperation with the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe.

Nina Aleksovska, Head of Meteorological Department
Tel.: (389-02) 309-7004
Email: Address: ul. Skupi bb 0, Skopje 1000, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia