Project presentation at Romanian Adaptation Forum

May 22, 2014
The OrientGate project was presented at a meeting of the Romanian Adaptation Forum, organised on May 22 and 23 in Bucharest by the European Commission, Milieu Law and Policy Consulting, and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change of Romania.

During the meeting, Elena Mateescu of the National Meteorological Administration of Romania presented the OrientGate project, with a special focus on the results of Pilot Study 2 on climate change adaptation measures in Romanian agriculture.

The meeting also featured presentations by Ms Daniela Topirceanu, EC Programme Manager; Mr Nards Jeler of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change; Mr Thierry Davy, senior climate change specialist from the World Bank; Ms Sarah O'Brien of Milieu Ltd.; and Dr Roxana Bojariu, head of the Climate Section of the National Meteorological Administration.

The presentations were followed by discussions on the interface between the political and scientific spheres in Romania in the context of the development and implementation of policies regarding adaptation to climate change.

Day 2 focused on the European Climate Adaptation Platform, Climate-ADAPT, and participants had an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Details of the meeting can be found in the agenda.